Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Roast Sweet Potato Salad

Roasted sweet potatoes bulks this salad up and keeps you full while the toasted pumpkin seeds add a nutty flavour and gives the salad a nice crunch.

Roast Sweet Potato Salad Recipe from Nomsies Kitchen


I am always experimenting with my salads and I would like to share this easy peasy recipe with you.

At the start of the week I usually roast a few sweet potatoes and keep them refrigerated. I can then heat them up for a quick snack before the gym or just add them into salads, like I did here. The recipe I use is set out below but feel free to roast them using whatever spices you fancy.

The toasted pumpkin seeds in this salad really gives it a delicious crunchy boost so don’t skip it if you can. The only thing to be careful of is not adding too much. They are so delicious but are also really high in fat so a little goes a long way here.

Roast Sweet Potato Salad Recipe from Nomsies Kitchen

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Recipe for Roast Sweet Potato Salad
Serves 1 

Ingredients for Roasted Sweet Potatoes
3 Sweet Potatoes (peeled and cubed)
2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
Pinch of Salt and Pepper
Dash of Cumin

1. Pre-heat the oven to 200°c. Place the cubed sweet potatoes into a roasting tray lined with foil. Pour the vegetable oil over and season with salt, pepper and cumin. Mix evenly.

2. Roast in the oven for 25-30 minutes until cooked. Halfway through the roasting time, give the potatoes a good mix to ensure they cook evenly. At the end of the roasting time, you can turn up the heat on the grill to give the potatoes nice crispy edges. Remove and serve or leave to cool and refrigerate for later use.

Ingredients for Roast Sweet Potato Salad
3 handfuls of mix salad leaves
2 Sundried Tomatoes (cut into little pieces)
1 Roasted Sweet Potato (peeled and cubed)
Small handful of Pumpkin Seeds (toasted)
½ Tbsp Oil (from the sundried tomatoes)


1. Put the salad leaves and cut sundried tomatoes into a bowl.

2. If you have pre-roasted the sweet potatoes, you can heat them up in the microwave before adding into the salad if you like it warm.

3. Put the pumpkin seeds into a dry pan and toast over low heat. Gently stir to prevent burning. Remove and sprinkle over the salad. Drizzle over the oil and toss gently. Serve immediately. 

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