Thursday, 5 February 2015

Vegetarian Fried Rice

Straight up super easy fried rice. French beans and frozen peas are the key here.

Vegetarian Fried Rice Recipe from Nomsies Kitchen

This vegetarian fried rice really saved me one lunchtime when I was starving and had to be fed F.A.S.T.

Vegetarian Fried Rice Recipe from Nomsies Kitchen

I used Ketjap Manis here instead of Soy Sauce as I wanted that little extra burst of flavour that comes from this thick caramel like wonder-sauce. If you are unfamiliar with Ketjap Manis, it is essentially an Indonesian take on Soy Sauce and has sugar in it resulting in a very thick syrupy sauce. If you have been to Indonesia before you will notice it on every table at most eateries, it’s like a must-have sauce that goes on everything. Amazing!

Vegetarian Fried Rice Recipe from Nomsies Kitchen

Vegetarian Fried Rice Recipe from Nomsies Kitchen

Best part of this vegetarian fried rice was that I made a bit more so I had some leftovers for the next day’s lunch as well. It is so ridiculously easy and good, you almost don’t need a recipe for this, just taste as you go along.

In a way I guess I am not that fussy and don’t mind eating the same thing dish twice, be it in the same day or over two consecutive days. Are you like that too?

Vegetarian Fried Rice Recipe from Nomsies Kitchen
Recipe for Vegetarian Fried Rice
Prep Time: 10 minutes / Cooking Time: 10 minutes


200gm Rice (uncooked weight – cooked and thoroughly cooled)
3 cloves of Garlic (diced)
120gm French Beans (cut finely)
100gm Frozen Peas
2 Eggs (whisked slightly)
1½  Tbsp Ketjap Manis
1 Stalk Scallions (finely sliced)
1 Red Chilli (finely sliced)
2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
1 tsp Salt
¼ tsp White Pepper


1. Heat oil in a wok, once hot add in the diced garlic and stir fry briskly over high heat. Before the garlic colours, add in the french beans and stir fry for about 2-3 minutes until the french beans have turned a darker colour. Add in the frozen peas and continue to stir fry for another minute or so.

2. Now, add in the cooked (and cooled) rice. Make a well in the centre of the wok and add in the eggs. Leave it to cook slightly before mixing it into the rice.

3. Once the eggs have been thoroughly mixed through the rice and have cooked, season with the Ketjap Manis, salt and pepper. Turn off the heat and serve. Garnish with the sliced scallions and chilli.

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