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Butternut Squash, Courgette and Chickpea Hash (vegetarian)

Nomsies Kitchen Butternut Squash, Courgette and Chickpea Hash(vegetarian) Recipe
Butternut Squash, Courgette and Chickpea Hash (vegetarian) | Nomsies Kitchen

Hello everyone, how is your week going so far? Since I missed my Meatless Monday post yesterday, I thought I would do Meatless Tuesday instead and show you what I cooked yesterday. How about that to justify missing my own deadline?

Butternut Squash, Courgette and Chickpea Hash (vegetarian) | Nomsies Kitchen

Last Friday I shared a recipe for Thai Butternut Squash Soup which is a perfect winter warmer. You might have noted that I used only half a medium butternut squash in that recipe. Obviously that left me with half a butternut squash to use up. I decided to use it with some courgettes to make a simple hash. I added some of my homemade tomato based pasta sauce into the mix for a very satisfying vegetarian meal. The butternut squash is a nice substitute for potatoes and I added a can of chickpeas for a protein boost to the dish. I can’t actually call it a one pan meal though as I used a roasting pan to roast the butternut squash first. Barring that, it is still as simple as can be and most importantly, it is delicious and satisfying!

Butternut Squash, Courgette and Chickpea Hash (vegetarian) | Nomsies Kitchen

Recipe for Butternut Squash, Courgette and Chickpea Hash
Prep Time: 45 minutes (including 30 minutes for roasting the butternut squash)/ Cooking Time 15 minutes / Serves 2


400gm (half of a medium butternut squash) Butternut Squash
3 Courgettes (cut into small cubes)
1 can chickpeas (400gm)
400ml Pasta Sauce
½ Onion (diced)
3 cloves Garlic (peeled and diced)
½ tsp Paprika
¼ tsp Chilli Flakes
1½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Black Pepper
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
Fresh Coriander (small handful – chopped)


1. Roast the butternut squash with the skin on for 30 minutes at 170°C. Once roasted, remove from oven. When it has cooled, the skin should be easy to remove, cut into cubes. Set aside.

2. Pour the olive oil into a pan or skillet over medium-high heat. Once the olive oil is hot enough, add in the diced onion. Sweat it out for about 3 minutes before adding in the diced garlic. Fry until aromatic, be careful not to burn the garlic.

3. Add in the butternut squash and courgettes. Fry evenly in the pan. I like to try to get the vegetables in a flat layer on the pan so that they can crisp up and colour instead of steaming up in a pile. Fry for about 8 minutes until vegetables are cooked and nicely coloured.

4. Next add in the pasta sauce, chickpeas and seasoning. Stir through until nicely combined and fry for another 3-4 minutes. Just before switching off the heat, add in the chopped fresh coriander and stir through. Remove from heat and serve.
Butternut Squash, Courgette and Chickpea Hash (vegetarian) | Nomsies Kitchen

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