Saturday, 11 January 2014

Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies

Nomsies Kitchen Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies for Sale UK
Nomsies Kitchen: Traditional Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies
Melt in your mouth traditional Chinese peanut cookies
Hello and happy weekend!
One thing about being Chinese is that we get to celebrate Chinese New Year! This year it is on 31 January, which isn't that far away at all. I still haven't recovered from the Christmas festivities. Anyhow, I am still looking forward to welcome the Year of the Horse come the end of the month. 

As with all celebrations, there inevitably comes the great baking madness! I love baking Chinese New Year cookies. One of my favourites are traditional Chinese peanut cookies. They melt in your mouth and taste just as good with coffee as they do with beer. Made from scratch (no such thing as peanut butter here) using roasted peanuts, they are incredibly irresistible and so difficult to stop eating!

This year, I am forging ahead and have decided to start selling my cookies. I am starting with this cookie but stay tuned for more varieties as I will be posting them up by next week. 

Back to this winner of a cookie, the details are as set out below:

Nomsies Kitchen: Traditional Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies
Sold in containers of 45 pieces each
I am selling in containers of 45 pieces each (as pictured above), prices are:
£8 for 1 container 
£15 for 2 containers 
£21 for 3 containers

The size of each cookie is approximately the same size as a bottle cap.

Each cookie is made by hand and is about the size of a bottle cap. This photo is for comparison purposes and is also a bit of a laugh!
All cookies are made to order by hand so you can be assured of optimum freshness. Needless to say no preservatives are used. 

Collection/delivery around Newcastle/Gateshead area can be arranged, cash upon receipt is preferred. For everyone else, shipping within the UK is possible, payment will be made via Paypal. Ready to order or have any questions? Please drop me a line at or call/text/whatsapp 074 4748 0418 for details.

Why not bring a little taste of Chinese New Year to yourself? I look forward to hearing from you.

Nomsies Kitchen: Traditional Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies

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